Peter Halley "Judgment Day": An Installation in Personal Structures at the Venice Biennale


VENICE.- Artist Peter Halley has created “Judgment Day,” a site-specific installation for Personal Structures, an official, collateral exhibition of the 54th Venice Biennale. Curated by Karlyn De Jong and Sarah Gold, the exhibition presents 28 installations and it is part of an international art project initiated in 2002 focusing on artists whose work is concerned with the issues of time, space and existence. Personal Structures is on view at Palazzo Bembo, the birthplace of Venetian scholar, poet and literary theorist Pietro Bembo, until November 27, 2011. For Halley, visual art most directly addresses the issue of space. Time and existence are too elusive. Known for his luminous day-glo paintings, Halley has created an installation of inkjet digital prints using muted colors with strong Venetian cultural and historical references. The imagery is generated by mirroring, reflecting and rotating the same motif in a repeated pattern,