Personal Scenes and Episodes of Pablo Picasso’s Life Explored in Berlin


BERLIN.- Pablo Picasso was the 20th centuryʼs most important artist. Picassoʼs many-faceted personality is reflected in the wide array of creative paths he chose — his forms, colors, and the materials he used. The Picasso Story invites you to meet Picasso, the man, and to delve into his life and creative world, to walk in his footsteps, to discover him, and like him, to embrace your internal creative spirit, and to leave a legacy for the world. The Picasso Story has been on display in Berlinʼs Humboldt Carré since November 1, 2009. At the heart of the exhibition is a collection of Picassoʼs ceramics and graphic art, complemented by the incredible images of Edward Quinn, who accompanied Picasso as a photographer for decades. In Picassoʼs ceramics, produced in the final decades of his artistic activity, one rediscovers the Spanish artistʼs unique, central themes. Picassoʼs ceramics reflect the