Per Kirkeby and the "Forbidden Paintings" of Kurt Schwitters at the Centre for Fine Arts


BRUSSELS.- This retrospective at the Centre for Fine Arts presents a variety of aspects of the Danish artist’s considerable oeuvre. The exhibition also takes a look at the little-known realistic landscape paintings of the avant-garde artist Kurt Schwitters. To mark the Danish presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Centre for Fine Arts presents Let’s Dansk!, a varied programme focusing on Denmark that includes exhibitions, film, architecture, literature, music, and workshops for children. The Per Kirkeby retrospective is at the heart of this programme. The Danish painter, sculptor, architect, and writer Per Kirkeby (born in 1938) has pursued a highly distinctive artistic path over the last 40 years. He refuses to be pigeonholed, either in terms of artistic disciplines or in regional terms. His work, nonetheless, is characterised by a considerable internal coherence and Kirkeby has always seen himself as first and for