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Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Installs Claes Oldenburg Sculpture in Lenfest Plaza

PHILADELPHIA, PA.- The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts commissioned world-renowned artist Claes Oldenburg to create a new public artwork for its Lenfest Plaza. The design consists of a 51 foot high sculpture in the form of a paintbrush, raised at a 60 degree angle as if in the act of painting, with a 6-ft paint glob on the ground below. The sculpture is positioned between PAFA’s Historic Landmark Building and the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Buildings. Oldenburg titled the work Paint Torch, merging two ideas in this project: the paintbrush and the torch. He stated that the paintbrush is a good fit for PAFA to “celebrate a place where painting with a brush is really practiced.” Thus the paintbrush refers to location as well as identifies the activities of the School. The torch highlights a moment in history as the first place of art in the new country. David R. Brigham, PAFA’s President and CEO, remarked: “