Peabody Essex Museum to Host Art Museum Libraries Symposium


SALEM, MA.- Libraries, archives, and museums face similar challenges. Libraries and archives affiliated with art museums have a second layer of concerns to consider in determining how they best relate to their parent institution. The Peabody Essex Museum‘s (PEM) Phillips Library will host a symposium on September 23 and 24, 2010 to explore the issues associated with this very question.Major topics to be addressed include: • The Role of the Library and Archives in an Art Museum • Data Unity in the Institution • Serving Various Audiences • Fundraising for Museums and Libraries • Collaboration among Personnel • Future Trends. The keynote speakers will be: • Dan L. Monroe, Executive Director and CEO, PEM; Vice President at Large, Association of Art Museum Directors • Kenneth Soehner, Chief Librarian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Among the presenters are leaders from top institutions including: