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PDNB Gallery Examines One Collector’s Idea of Meaningful Objects in New Exhibition

DALLAS, TX.- Why is this a FUN SHOW? Let’s offer the reasons why. For this show only, PDNB Gallery does not exhibit strictly photo-based art. This original gallery exhibition explores the mind of one collector who has procured many second-hand treasures. These Objets virtu include art glass, paintings, vernacular photographs, knickknacks, whim-wham, fribble, bric-a-brac, and more exciting stuff. America has become more educated about their stuff since the ebay phenomenon began in 1995. Our edification continues with the PBS television show Antiques Roadshow, and now the cable hit series: Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Storage Wars. As a result the treasures/trash theory has been turned upside down. Now we know that some of our trash is really worth something! Not only are the objects in this exhibition for sale (some items cheap prices), the installation in an art gallery setting becomes a conceptual work of a