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Paul Noble: 15 year drawing series presented in London for first time in 7 years

LONDON.- Gagosian Britannia Street presents leading British artist, Paul Noble’s first exhibition in London for seven years. The exhibition marks the culmination of his monumental fifteen year project – the meticulous depiction of a fictional city called Nobson Newtown. The artist is a master draughtsman who makes virtuoso pencil drawings on an epic scale. These wall-sized drawings offer aerial perspectives over a fantastical cityscape that echoes the utopian ethos of projects such as the Garden City Movement and New Towns such as Milton Keynes. Dominating the exhibition is the artist’s monumental drawing Welcome to Nobson, measuring nearly 15 feet high and over 23 feet wide, and made up of twenty separate panels. It is by far the largest drawing of the Nobson series and has never been exhibited before. The exhibition includes other large drawings, all of them closely related to particular elements and areas o