Paul Kasmin Gallery Presents Monochromes: A Special Project with Robert Žungu


NEW YORK, NY.- The Paul Kasmin Gallery presents Monochromes, a special project with the artist Robert Žungu. The exhibition presents photographs and sculptures that focus, through the lens of neo-noir cinema, on biological symbiosis, material experimentation and scientific inquiry. The silver gelatin photograph, Tube Sponge (Cluster), documents an uncannily large sea sponge in front of a Victorian pressed tin panel. By presenting the sponge displaced from its natural environment and relocated to a domestic setting, the photograph problematizes issues of commodification. This tension is heightened by both Žungu’s dramatic use of light and shadow and the voyeuristic undertones of his askewed, frontal composition. In the sculpture (The Void), a delicate, pale blue stalactite is suspended in the grasp of a laboratory clamp. The work psychologically juxtaposes the