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Paul Adair Shows the Result from His Residency in Los Angeles at Stills Gallery

PADDINGTON.- For Paul Adair, undertaking a residency in Los Angeles was an ideal opportunity, fascinated as he is by everything ersatz. His interest has been driven by the desire to replicate and repeat things, and to highlight the artificial. In earlier series Decoy (2005) and Three-Hole Mountain Inn (2008) each photograph’s precise formal composition gave way to the crudeness of his self-made constructions. In these new works he is moving from photographic representation of things in space to explore the material based world as ‘total image’, or an expanded photographic space. During the 3 months he spent in LA in 2009 he collated data for future works in the form of photographs. The sprawling geography of LA was overwhelming, so he embarked on smaller journeys to discover something