Parallel Collisions: 2012 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Contemporary Art opens


ADELAIDE.- From an explosive light installation that clocks births, deaths and dying stars in real time to a full body cast that mimics the aging process by slumping, sagging and wrinkling in front of your eyes, the 2012 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art explores the ways in which ideas emerge, converge and re-form through time. Through the inspired curation of Natasha Bullock and Alexie Glass-Kantor the exhibition, titled Parallel Collisions, considers the temporality of the present as it parallels and collides with the past. “The Adelaide Biennial is the flagship exhibition of Australian contemporary art and the only remaining contemporary art survey in the nation, said Art Gallery of South Australia Director, Nick Mitzevich. “It represents an important opportunity for Australian artists, as well as the Art Gallery of South Australia’s unswerving commitment to current Australian art. For more than t