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Paintings by Eduardo Stupía on View at Valencian Institute of Modern Art

VALENCIA.- From the strange comic strips he drew at the beginning of the 70’s to the amazing pieces that the IVAM exhibits now, Eduardo Stupía’s works have gone through a series of transformations for more than thirty years. One could say that together they form an ambiguous region which is full of fascination, beauty and unsettlement and where the technique of drawing expanded to the limits of the unknown. The artist has conquered new lands, conceived halfway by the eye and the hand through an alliance that widened his creativity regarding the concept of drawing towards a mental hyperrealism that still surprises us today. The exhibition that the IVAM presents compiles 47 works of art, both drawings and paintings, from the period between 2008 and 2009. Together with the exhibit the museum has edited a catalogue with the reproductions of the works on