Painting by Spanish Baroque Master Francisco Ribalta Restored After Being Hidden in Church


VALENCIA.- The old Church of San Esteban, on Colón de Valencia Street, had been its hiding place for centuries. The piece, which was completely blackened, had gone unnoticed for many years. The weather had harmed the painting, in fact, 40% of the paint was gone. For seven months, three conservators from the Fundación La Luz de las Imágenes fixed their eyes and hands on the work. After the cleaning, stucco and chromatic reintegration, technicians found a work of “high quality” according to the conservator responsible for the restoration, José Luis Navarro. But the surprise was not the discovery of an exquisite piece of Baroque Valencia, but its authorship: it is ‘Calvary’, by Francisco Ribalta (1565-1628). The advisor from the Consorcio de Museos de la Comunitat Valenciana, Felipe Garin, explained that the colors, the quality of the materials and the position of the figures of the Virgin and Jesus Christ “makes it clear that the canvas is by Ribalta”, that the author is not from