Painter Adrian Deckbar’s "Immersion" on view at Callan Contemporary in New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS, LA.- Adrian Deckbar’s Immersion invites viewers on a literal and metaphoric voyage into the shallows of the Louisiana swamp and the depths of the human soul. In this series of nine paintings, she casts her gaze onto the surface of water flecked with leaves and lily pads, twigs and duckweed, reflecting the sky and trees overhead with a flowing buoyancy that alludes to dreams and the subconscious. Much of the imagery comes from a springtime expedition Deckbar made with her husband, photographer Mike Smith, into a swamp off Lake Maurepas. Rowing through the wetlands in a flat-bottomed pirogue, the pair photographed eerily beautiful waterscapes in golden, late-day light. “About an hour before the sun goes down,” Deckbar remarks, “there’s an optic phenomenon that doesn’t happen in the middle of the day. Complementary colors start appearing, and you get these amazing red-violets