Packer Schopf Gallery to Present Chris Bathgate, Solo Show at SOFA: New York


CHICAGO, IL .- Packer Schopf Gallery will present the work of Baltimore artist, Chris Bathgate, in a solo show, New Machined Works, at the Sculpture, Objects & Functional Art Fair, which opens on April 14 to – 17 at the Park Avenue Armory, in New York. In contrast to many of his contemporaries, Chris Bathgate’s use of metal is neither structural nor illusionistic. It does not refuse to transform the medium, and it does not play on the medium’s opposites, e.g. lightness from metal’s weight, or organic forms from its rigidity. Bathgate’s process most closely resembles that of a machine builder or engineer. In the last two years, he has become increasingly involved in using mathematical techniques. This has allowed him to achieve the high degree of precision necessary for assembling such intricate works (thes