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“Ouroboros ~ The History of the Universe” a 3-D Visual Collage

“Ouroboros: The History of the Universe,” a 3-D visual installation, tells the story of cosmic evolution at the Ise Cultural Foundation in SoHo, NY

NEW YORK, NY – In the standard
histories of the universe there are so many impossible things to believe before
breakfast, as the White Queen put it in “Through the Looking Glass”, black
holes, antigravity, dark matter and all those sneaky subatomic particles zipping
through us,  that the strangest and most amazing part of the universe gets short
That would be us, collections of space junk, somehow perceiving
and pondering the grandiosity that gave us birth in a sort of intellectual and
emotional equivalent of the snake eating its tail. The show was created
by Ali Hossaini, a biochemist turned philosopher turned television producer
turned visual poet, and a pair of video artists and programmers, Blake Shaw and
Bruno Levy, a k a Sweatshoppe, who devised the 3-D effects