Origins and Mysteries of the Inca’s Gold Explored in New Exhibition at Pinacothèque de Paris


PARIS.- The Inca empire is among one of the greatest in history. In one hundred years, an ethnic group with obscure origins, settled in the Cusco valley, undertook a series of conquests that nothing seemed capable of stopping: it was to dominate an immense space, from Ecuador to Chile, from the high plateaux of the Andes to the desertified plains on the Pacific Coast. However that flamboyant civilization is rarely acknowledged as the equal of the great Western empires, from Alexander to Napoleon. To remedy this injustice, the Pinacothèque de Paris is suggesting, within the context of its great “Civilizations” exhibitions (The Soldiers of Eternity, The Dutch Golden Age) to provide a new approach to this brilliant empire, its origins, and its mysterious relationship with gold. When the Conquistadores