Original Star Spangled Banner Fragments Up for Bid, First Time in Modern Auction History


DALLAS, TX.- Two superbly documented fragments of the original Star Spangled Banner, which inspired America’s national anthem in 1814 as it flew in defiance of the British over Ft. McHenry in Baltimore, MD, and were later in the collection of a Philadelphia museum, are expected to bring $60,000+ when they come up for bid as part of Heritage Auctions’ June 21 Arms & Militaria auction. It is the first time in modern auction history, to the knowledge of Heritage specialists, that any fragments of the flag have appeared in a public auction. “There is no American symbol more potent than our flag,” said Dennis Lowe, Director of Arms & Militaria at Heritage, “and there is no version of our flag more important than the Star Spangled Banner. These fragments are a part of our collective history, and should be valued as such by serious collectors of Americana.” The history of these amazing fragments, coming to auction from a high-end collecto