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On Valentine’s day, the Museum of Broken Relationships expects visits to almost double

ZAGREB (AP).- What becomes of a garden gnome hurled in fury at a car during a stormy breakup? Or a teddy bear that was once a Valentine’s Day present? A wedding dress from a marriage gone awry? An ax that smashed through household furniture? All are on display at the Museum of Broken Relationships in the Croatian capital, each with written testimonies telling tales of passion, romance and heartbreak. On Valentine’s Day, the museum sees its visits almost double. “The objects that are here represent all the stages of a breakup … and how people go through love,” said Drazen Grubisic, a designer and artist who co-founded the museum in 2010 in the Croatian capital. “We might say it’s a love museum, just upside down,” he said. The mementos — collected from all over the world — are random and varied,