On their Own: Britain’s Child Migrants: Medallion tells of the leaving of Liverpool


LIVERPOOL.- Liverpool is linking up with Australia to tell the emotional story of child and youth migration. From 1860 until the 1960s migration schemes saw youngsters and teenagers separated from families and sent to the ends of the earth to begin new lives. Many were orphaned or had come from poor families who could no longer look after them and it was felt Australia and Canada provided better opportunities and a standard of life. Youth migration schemes shared similar aims as child migration, recruiting rural workers and populating the empire. Youth migrants were usually slightly older and had more choices about what happened to them, meaning that they were more easily able to move on with their lives without regret. Children sailed from Liverpool, Glasgow, London and Southampton. While many found happiness, others suffered abuse and exploitation. National Museums Liverpool has partnered with the Australian National Maritime Museum to develop a touring exhibition which op