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Olyvia Fine Art Announces Exhibition of Andy Warhol Portraits

LONDON.- Olyvia Fine Art will present “Andy Warhol: Portraits” an unmissable exhibition of paintings, unique prints and films. Opening in March 2010, the show will display some of Warhol’s most celebrated works alongside previously hidden gems, showcasing Warhol’s distinctive style in a vivid and comprehensive collection. Alongside these exclusive portraits will be a rare series of ‘Screen Tests’. These enchanting silent films created by Warhol provide a voyeuristic record of the characters that once roamed his factory studio. A key initiator of the American pop art movement and an avant-garde filmmaker, Warhol rubbed shoulders with an array of vastly diverse communities, ranging from Hollywood celebrities and well-heeled aristocrats to reputed academics, cultural figures and trendy beatniks. The artist’s involvement and interest in radically differing social circles is