Off the Wall Gallery in Cardiff Shows Martyn Jones’ Abstract Paintings

artwork: Martyn Jones - "Kind of Blue NY", 2010 - Watercolour on paper - 36 x 40 cm. - Courtesy Off the Wall, © the artist. On view at Off the Wall in Cardiff in the artist's solo exhibition until July 5th.

Cardiff, Wales.- The Off the Wall Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of work by Martyn Jones. During 2008, Jones staged his first major US solo show ‘Overland’ at the Robert Steele Gallery. Following the success of ‘Overland’, a second solo show ‘Atelier’ was held in 2010. Jones’ work has been exhibited widely in U.K., Europe and U.S.A. including the National Gallery of Wales and Wales International Centre, Chrysler Building, New York. His paintings continue to be sought after by numerous public and private collectors. Martyn Jones’ solo exhibition will be on view at Off the Wall until July 5th.