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Oakland Museum of California Reopens with Dramatic Presentation of Collections

OAKLAND, CA.- On May 1, 2010, the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) welcomes back the public with a dramatically different presentation of its renowned collections of California art and history. Created in 1969 as a “museum for the people,” OMCA revives its founding vision by introducing innovative exhibitions and programming, setting a new paradigm for the way a museum engages the public. OMCA’s transformation is enhanced by a full renovation and expansion of its iconic building. OMCA’s groundbreaking exhibits tell the many stories that comprise California with many voices, often drawing on first-person accounts by people who have shaped California’s cultural heritage. Visitors will be invited to actively participate in the Museum as they learn about the natural, artistic, and social forces that affect the state and investigate their own role in both its history and its future. The Museum celebrates