Norwegian Artist Matias Faldbakken Produces New Series for Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen


Matias Faldbakken - "THE GARDEN OF A HORNY BIKER" - Wallpainting - Gallery R.O.R  - Helsinki, Finland 2003

ST. Gallen, Switzerland – The work of the
Norwegian writer and artist Matias Faldbakken (*1973) mixes a conceptual
procedure with trivial gestures, vandalism and appropriation, poetry and
pop-culture. He has produced a series of new works for the Kunst Halle Sankt
which he has brought together under the title «Extreme
The exhibition circles around the idea of artistic production
as the practice of doing nothing and of negation – and this not without a fair
dash of sarcasm. His sculptures, wall paintings and video works, for which he
uses adhesive tape, spray paint, rough canvases and found footage, realise this
concept precisely and radically.