Norton Museum of Art Receives $1.5 Million Grant for a Series of Exhibitions by Women Artists


WEST PALM BEACH, FL.- The Norton Museum of Art announced a $1.5 million grant from The Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund/MLDauray Arts Initiative for a six-year project called RAW (Recognition of Art by Women). RAW’s mission is to discover, highlight, showcase, and promote living women artists, a group the grantors believe has been substantially underrepresented, and that the Museum wishes to champion. With this grant, the Museum will organize six special exhibitions, one in each of the next six years (2011-2016). The inaugural exhibition will premier this fall and feature the rarely-exhibited paintings and drawings of British artist Jenny Saville. It is being organized by the Norton’s Curator of Contemporary Art, Cheryl Brutvan. The grant encompasses exhibition, publication, research, and education programming, and includes the funding of the first Sophie Davis Curatorial Fellow, which the museum is now