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Nolan Artwork an Early Birthday Present for the National Gallery of Victoria

MELBOURNE.- The Premier, John Brumby, presented an iconic Australian artwork, Sidney Nolan’s Kelly with Horse to the National Gallery of Victoria to mark next year’s 150th birthday celebrations. Mr Brumby said Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly paintings were a significant part of Australia’s cultural history. “They are also arguably some of the most sought-after paintings by Australian galleries,” Mr Brumby said. “The NGV does not currently own any Ned Kelly paintings by Nolan, and Kelly with Horse will be a spectacular and important addition to our stunning collection. “Our government has gifted this painting to the people of Victoria to mark the 150th anniversary of the NGV, a significant milestone in the state’s cultural history. “At the Gallery, it can be enjoyed by thousands of Victorians and visitors. Last year over 765,000 people walked through NGV Australia’s doors.”