New-York Historical Society Organizes the First Full Retrospective of the Sculpture of John Rogers


NEW YORK, NY.- By far the most popular American sculptor of his eventful era, John Rogers (1829-1904) was unprecedented in the United States as an astute and tireless maker and marketer of artworks for a broad audience. From the beginning of the Civil War to the end of the Gilded Age, he sold more than 80,000 narrative figural groups in plaster, reaching the American public en masse and addressing the issues that most touched their lives. His arresting and memorable subjects included scenes from the front lines and the home front of the Civil War, insightful commentaries on domestic life and dramatic episodes from the stage and literature. Often selling for $15 apiece, Rogers’s works became commonplace in the homes of middle- and upper-class Americans in the later 19th century. Now, drawing on its premier collection of Rogers’s work, the New-York Historical Society has