New York City’s Museum of Arts and Design to Start Exploring Scent as an Art Form


NEW YORK (AP).- The nose rarely figures in the sensory experience of a museum visitor. That is about to change at one New York City museum. The Center of Olfactory Art dedicated to scent as an art form was launched at the Museum of Arts and Design on Thursday. “What we’re going to be able to do … with the center is place scent directly in the mainstream of art history and demonstrate that it is the equal of paintings, sculpture, architecture and all other artistic media,” said Chandler Burr, the former fragrance critic of The New York Times whom the museum said it hired as its — the nation’s — first curator of olfactory art. More a curatorial department within the museum than a separate entity, the museum created the new center because “scent is a really interesting part of the world of design,” museum director Holly Hotchner told The Associated Press. It fits the institution’s DNA as a “sensuous, sensory