New York City Art Dealer Who Bilked Stars Gets Prison Time


NEW YORK (AP).- An art dealer who conned his star-studded clientele out of $120 million while indulging in such luxuries as a private baseball stadium was sentenced Tuesday to at least six years in prison for a fraud that swept up John McEnroe and the estate of Robert De Niro’s father. A tearful Lawrence Salander told a Manhattan judge before hearing the sentence, which could send him to prison for as long as 18 years without time off for good behavior, that he was “deeply ashamed.” The disgraced 61-year-old art dealer said his wife had recently decided to separate from him. “I lost my wife, my business and my reputation,” Salander said as several of his 30 victims watched from the courtroom audience, still reeling from their own losses. The bankrupt Salander hasn’t paid any restitution to his victims. “He stole my childhood promises,” said Dr. Ellen Shander, a psychiatrist whose father’s estate was swindled out of $2.2 million in paintings, including a Picasso, a Monet and a Ce