New York Based Painter Edward del Rosario Opens 4th Solo Show at Richard Heller Gallery


SANTA MONICA, CA.- Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, presents the fourth Los Angeles solo exhibition for New York based painter, Edward del Rosario. The exhibition is on view from March 26th through April 30th, 2011. Del Rosario started his artistic practice as a performance artist and his sense of theatrical staging still influences the work. The actions and interactions of his cast of children, reptiles and animal human hybrids are carefully choreographed and suspended in space. The work is skillfully executed with a fine sense of balance between comedy, tragedy and the absurd. To quote the artist: “When I was younger, there was a time when we (my family) would say the rosary to a giant doll during the months of May and October.” For the past eight years I have been using painting to explore a narrative that deals with power struggles and the aftermath of a post post-colonial world. My paintings, o