New works of sake-related vessels by twenty artists at Ippodo Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Until January 28, 2012, Ippodo Gallery NY will be exhibiting approximately 80 new works of sake-related vessels by all 20 artists, in fields of pottery, glass and lacquer, who are represented by Ippodo Gallery. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to view these small treasures produced by a wide range of artists, to hold them in your hands and allow us to help you choose something special with which to celebrate the new year and the coming of spring. In Japan there are many words that contain the term sake: asazake (morning sake), amazake (sweet, mild sake), iwaizake (celebratory sake), kanzake (warmed sake), nigorizake (unrefined sake), hanamizake (cherry blossom-viewing sake), yukimizake (snow-viewing sake), mukaezake (hair of the dog), masuzake (sake in a square wooden cup), etc. From this, it can be seen that Sake, which is brewed from rice, plays an important