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New Work by Greg Smith on View at Susan Inglett Gallery

Greg Smith - Still from “Bearded”, 2010. DVD, running time, 11:15 minutes. Edition of 5. - Courtesy Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC.

NEW YORK, NY.- Susan Inglett presents
new work from GREG SMITH in his third solo exhibition with the gallery
from 30
April to 29 May 2010. The Universe is built from a simple form. That
form is
commonly understood to be an atom and the shape of that form is commonly

understood to be a sphere. For my purposes, I would prefer to see that
shape as
a beard, or at least a caricature of a beard.
For better or
there are associations that go along with the beard: disguise,
Santa Claus, homosexuality, survivalism, fundamentalism, and wisdom, for

example. My beard shape is used to build objects, mechanical devices,
and a set;
these in turn are used to construct a range of scenarios, including
those that
are well outside (and perhaps even antagonistic toward) these familiar
associations and stereotypes.