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New Work by Dutch Artist Jacco Olivier at Marianne Boesky Gallery

NEW YORK, NY.- Marianne Boesky Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Dutch artist Jacco Olivier. This is the artist’s third solo show at the gallery. Fusing painting and filmmaking, Jacco Olivier continually reworks his canvases, photographing each iteration and brushstroke, and finally combining the various stages with their liquid color into films. The subject matter of Olivier’s new work represents a notable shift, as the artist frees the films from the loose narrative framework he had previously employed, moving away from the language of animated film and more towards that of painting. Appropriating traditional painting subjects such as bathers, landscape, and portraiture, and pushing them at times to the edge of abstraction, the artist creates lush, painterly films. Olivier magnifies his new works to a variety of larger scales, eschewing