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New Subjects Join the National Portrait Gallery Collection

WASHINGTON, DC.- What do Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos, Oscar-winner George Clooney, basketball star LeBron James, best-selling author Joyce Carol Oates, hip-hop entrepreneur Jay-Z and X-Games founder Tony Hawk have in common? The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery has just selected them for inclusion in its collection. Curators and historians at the National Portrait Gallery recommend to the museum’s commission (a board of 17 people who serve in an advisory role for the museum) a selection of objects portraying those who have made significant contributions to American life and culture. The works are chosen for their biographical and aesthetic impact and are created in a wide variety of mediums—paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, photographs and video art. “The National Portrait Gallery’s collection represents the story and identity of America through the art of portraiture,” said Martin Sulliv