New site-specific installation by David Byrne "Tight Spot" exhibited by The Pace Gallery


NEW YORK, N.Y.- The Pace Gallery presents a new site-specific installation by David Byrne on view for two weeks under the High Line at 508 West 25th Street, inaugurating a space recently acquired by the gallery. Tight Spot, a 48-by-20-foot inflatable terrestrial globe will be on view from September 16 through October 1, 2011. The globe, based on the type used in primary schools, is enlarged and wedged within the confines of the space, becoming deliberately distorted in the process. Byrne imagined the pastel map we associate with childhood: “a wholly unrealistic world, a world of somewhat arbitrary political units, not a planet of clouds, deep blue oceans, beige deserts and swaths of green jungle.” However, like the world around us, Byrne’s globe is subject to both the elements and human presence. A low-frequency vibration w