New Series of Paintings by Internationally Acclaimed Artist Georg Baselitz at White Cube


LONDON.- White Cube Mason’s Yard presents a new series of paintings by the internationally acclaimed artist Georg Baselitz. Covering three principal themes – eagles, dogs and double portraits – the paintings attest the persistent vigour of his distinctive pictorial style and exploration of personal and collective narratives. The images of these paintings first appeared in the historic edition of the German newspaper ‘Die Welt’ on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of German reunification last year. Having grown up in East Germany before moving west as a student, Baselitz’s work has long referenced aspects of German history and its cultural identity: as he has noted ‘my pictures are content-heavy, just dripping with history’. For the 1 October 2010 edition, the newspaper reproduced Baselitz’s paintings in lieu of all photographs, so that the works appeared as singular images, featuring in the international news, fi