New Photographs and Video by New York and Nepal Based Artist Stuart Hawkins at Zach Feuer Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Zach Feuer Gallery presents Broken Welcome, an exhibition of new photographs and video by New York and Nepal based artist Stuart Hawkins. South and West of the teaming urban center of Kolkata, India lies the former village of Rajarhat, now a failed planned community with the globally acceptable name of Newtown. Declared at its inception to be a city of the future, it was advertised as a dewy oasis of green and calm where one could live and work in all the gated comfort that post millennial India might offer. Driving through Newtown today, one thinks of a dystopic landscape littered with machinery and unbuilt or unoccupied buildings. In place of people, cows have come back to graze as grass begins to cover the abandoned construction sites. In Stuart Hawkin’s new photographic work, Finishing Touches, the artist imagines the life that might have been or be.