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New Photographic Display Celebrates the Work of Format Photography Agency

LONDON.- A new photographic display will celebrate the work of Format Photography Agency, the only solely female agency in British photographic history. The seventeen portraits on display will reflect the scope and achievement of this agency and this will be the first display devoted to Format at the National Portrait Gallery. Format was established in1983 by eight founding members: Anita Corbin, Sheila Gray, Pam Isherwood, Jenny Mathews, Maggie Murray, Joanne O’Brien, Raissa Page and Val Wilmer. During its history the agency represented twenty leading women photographers. Portraits by photographers Melanie Friend, Roshini Kempadoo, Joanne O’Brien, Brenda Prince and some of the founders will be included in this display. The Format ethos aimed to encourage its members to develop their creativity and careers, while remaining sensitive to the context in which their images were used and distributed. It portrayed people and issues tha