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New Performance of Yves Klein’s Monotone Symphony Announced

LONDON.- To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first performance of Yves Klein’s “Monotone Symphony” and “Anthropometries of the Blue Period in March”, 1960, Quadratura and GV Art present a new performance utilising the latest in interactive video projection and sound design technology. In March 1960, at the Galerie Internationale d’Art Contemporain, Paris, Yves Klein presented his “Monotone Symphony” and “Anthropometries of the Blue Period”. It was the first conceptual piece to be shown at the gallery by their new artist. Mr Klein conducted a ten-piece orchestra in his personal composition the Monotone Symphony, a work he had written in 1949. This symphony consisted of a single tone. As the orchestra played his composition, three beautiful naked models rolled themselves in blue paint and then pressed their bodies onto giant pieces of paper to create paintings. Klein’s idea was to distance the artist from the creati