New Jersey Fish Seller Turned Art Collector Offers Tips for New Collectors


FLORHAM PARK, N.J.- With artists like Andy Warhol commanding astronomical prices at auction, is it possible for a middle class collector on an budget to get into the art market? The answer, states Fred Parker, the New Jersey man who built an art collection worth millions on a fish seller’s wages, is yes. What’s more, Fred Parker offers the wisdom he has gained over the years to those who love art but are scared off by the ups and downs of the market. In terms of today’s market, says Fred Parker, whose collection includes works by N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell, “The media coverage of big name artists is not representative of the overall picture. When it comes to early 20th Century and 19th Century American and Continental paintings, this is a buyers market.” The next tip he offers those who seek his advice, is that prices are at an historic low. Mr. Parker adds that experienced collectors, himself included, are using the opportunities presented by a down market to add to their c