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New Exhibition by American Artist Erick Swenson at James Cohan Gallery

Erick Swenson - Untitled (Velvet Horn), 2009 - Polyurethane resin, acrylic paint, MDF, steel. Overall dimensions: 22" X 18" X 15". Edition of 6 -  © the artist. Photo: Courtesy James Cohan Gallery

NEW YORK, NY.- James Cohan
Gallery presents a new
exhibition by American artist Erick Swenson, opening April 1st and
through May 1st, 2010. This is the artist’s third exhibition at
gallery. The centerpiece is a new large-scale sculpture, Ne Plus
(2010), on view with a selection of other works dating from 2001
to the
With striking verisimilitude, Swenson’s uncanny
sculptures, inspired by the artist’s childhood passion for the
animals at the natural history museum, are populated by mythical
these hybrid creatures are strangely familiar and yet appear to
come from
an entirely different realm.