New Exhibition at the Mint Museum Explores "Fairytales, Fantasy & Fear"

artwork: Kako Ueda - "Spinning", 2010 - Hand cut black paper with watercolor - 20 1/2" x 15" - Courtesy of George Adams Gallery On view at the Mint Museum Charlotte, NC in "Fairytales, Fantasy, & Fear" from March 3rd until July 8th.

Charlotte, North Carolina.- The Mint Museum Uptown is pleased to present “Fairytales, Fantasy, & Fear”, on view from March 3rd through July 8th. Fairytales, fantasies, and horror stories are inescapable in our current culture, and this exhibition will examine primal impulses complementing prominent current pop-culture trends. The exhibition brings together the work of several internationally acclaimed artists, including Mattia Biagi, Mark Newport, Kako Ueda, Tom Price, and Kate Malone. Known for his work in tar, Italian artist Biagi reinterprets icons of lost innocence, such as Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella’s carriage. Newport, an American fiber artist, creates hand-knit acrylic re-creations of heroes’ costumes, which combine their heroic, protective, and ultra-masculine yet vulnerable personas. Ueda, a Japanese paper artist, uses unsettling imagery, such as insects and skeletons, in her detailed cutouts to represent the fine line between beauty and decay.