New Exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Shows Rodarte Fashions as Sculptures


LOS ANGELES (AP).- The black tutus from “Black Swan” twirl slowly, almost dancing with six other black feather-trimmed Rodarte dresses that hang suspended on invisible mannequins beside them. The white tutus from the film spin beside other white dresses layered with pearls, lace, silk chiffon, cotton cheesecloth and embroidered gauze. Long fluorescent tubes animate the display in white, red and black light, illuminating “Rodarte: States of Matter,” a new exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art that opened Friday. “I definitely see something very different when I look at them in this way,” says Kate Mulleavy, who founded Rodarte six years ago with her sister Laura. They share design duties. “The experience of dressing people and doing shows is such an incredible, thrilling experience, because clothes take on a different life and I always say people transform them, but to see them in this way makes you kind of confront and look