New Digital Magazine "Adore Noir" Showcases the Work of Photographers


VANCOUVER.- April 1st, 2011 saw the launch of a highly anticipated digital magazine titled Adore Noir. The PDF based magazine is dedicated to fine art black and white photography. Editor and publisher Chris Kovacs describes the magazine as “An amalgamation of classic and modern styles with everything in between.” Chris then goes on to say “I created this magazine out of necessity to fill a much needed niche. I wanted to provide a stage on which to showcase the works of amazing artists that may have otherwise gone unnoticed” Adore Noir Magazine publishes bi-monthly and features the works of six photographers per issue. Each artist featured gets an astounding twelve pages showcasing their works and an in depth interview. There are also interviews with prominent figures in the art world, such as gallerist Susan Spiritus, who is featured in issue #2. When asked about how he came up with the title of the maga