New Buildings Revive Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road


MIAMI BEACH, FL.- It seems like there should be a bouncer and a line of women wobbling in stilettos beneath the red neon “1111” sign, like at any other South Beach hotspot. This is no club, though. It’s a radical, open-air parking garage that has become a modern gateway to the see-and-be-seen cafe scene of Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road. Its audacity is matched at the other end of the historic shopping strip by an innovative concert hall that Frank Gehry designed for a childhood friend. Both buildings have reclaimed once-blighted corners of the trendy pedestrian mall as public spaces and infused a new architectural whimsy into the traditional Art Deco and Miami Modern cityscape. Even for South Beach, it sounds ridiculous that a parking garage could become something of a vertical park. But that’s how 1111 Lincoln Road has evolved since it opened a year ago. Runners charge up and down the ramps in the early mornings. Photographers stage shoots and tourists gawk at the views. A glass-