New Book Says Painting Stored Behind a Couch for 25 Years may Be a Michelangelo


TONAWANDA (AP).- Could a painting of Mary holding the body of Jesus that hung for years in an upstate New York family’s home really be a 16th century Michelangelo? An Italian art historian thinks so after undertaking years of research, which he documents in a new book, “The Lost Pieta.” Now the painting’s owner, Martin Kober, is encouraging the rest of the art world to take a close look with the hope the work will be universally accepted as a Michelangelo, restored and displayed. “My goal has always been the integrity of the picture, security and trying to do the right thing,” Kober said Wednesday in his Tonawanda home, north of Buffalo, where reproductions of the circa 1545 painting now hang. The original 19 x 25-inch work is in a bank vault. This isn’t a story of