New Book Published by Assouline Tells the Captivating History of French Restaurant Maxim’s


NEW YORK, NY.- In France, Maxim’s is a restaurant as strong and essential to la vie Parisienne today as it was when it opened more than a century ago. The legend begins in 1893, when Maxime Gaillard, a waiter, opened a small bistro at 3 rue Royale. The ravishing Parisian Irma de Montigny stopped by one day, was immediately charmed, and returned with her friends, their admirers, and their patrons. Soon, Maxim’s claimed a fabulous clientele: stars of society, elegant and brilliant. Eventually Gaillard handed the reins to Eugène Cornuché, who would transform Maxim’s into a masterpiece of Art Nouveau. The maître d’hôtel’s secret weapon, however, was bringing in a new flock of courtesans, who attracted the cream of French gallantry crowned heads, great fortunes, and the most prominent names of the Parisian elite. By the 1950s, the place became even hotter, attracting such luminaries as Maria