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New Bellevue Arts Museum exhibition opens: Travelers: Objects of Dream and Revelatio

BELLEVUE, WA.- The idea of travel always captures the imagination with its alluring offer of an escape from the routine and a promise of change. It encompasses both the anticipation of the journey, the “dream,” and the confrontation of the reality we find, from expectation to revelation. Travelers: Objects of Dream and Revelation, BAM’s newest exhibition, brings together nine contemporary artists who explore the ambiguous motif of travel and the objects associated with it. Featured artists include Janice Arnold, Margarita Cabrera, Marc Dombrosky, Erika Harrsch, Timothy Horn, Cal Lane, Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz and Robb Putnam. Mini‐dioramas encapsulated in snow globes, bicycles constructed out of vinyl and foam and a life‐size carriage made out of crystallized rock sugar are but a few of the pieces selected for Travelers. “While each of the works in the exhibition is loosely associated with travel, they also become a point of departure for a la