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New Acquisitions: Grotto of Curatorial Mysteries at Leslie Sacks Fine Art, Brentwood

LOS ANGELES, CA.- The works in the New Acquisitions show at Leslie Sacks Fine Art, Brentwood, span very nearly the entire history of modern art, from a Vuillard still life of 1910, and a stellar 1911 proto-cubist Braque etching, to a 2005 Kitaj charcoal portrait of the school of Paris master, Jules Pascin, whose passion for painting and parties lit up the Parisian avant-garde in the early 20th century. This show also includes a large, detailed Larry Rivers colored pencil drawing in art deco style entitled, Hollywood, a study from History of the Jews (right), which illustrates the creative Diaspora that led from Europe (more specifically London as indicated by the Savoy Hotel in the background, which was the gathering place for writers and entertainers in London in the 1930s), to New York (more specifically Broadway), and westward (ho!) to Hollywood. In this image a showgirl, or perhaps a star of the day, cakewalks down the Great White