Neuberger Museum of Art features Sanford Wurmfeld’s E-Cyclorama ~ Immersed in Color


Sanford Wurmfeld stands in the middle of his E-Cyclorama 1, a monumental 360-degree painting, which will be on view at the Neuberger Museum of Art in Purchase, New York from May 31-September 13, 2009.

Opening May 31 at the Neuberger Museum of Art | Purchase
College is E-Cyclorama- Immersed in
, an amazing exhibition, the centerpiece of which is a monumental
painting by Sanford Wurmfeld, made on a canvas stretched onto a 37-foot long
oval cyclinder
, that is viewed by entering the elevated structure from
beneath. “>Notions
of space and color addressed in this huge 360-degree work, a 21st
century version of the 19th century panorama painting. If
ever one could stand in the center
of a rainbow and experience the entire spectrum of color, this is it.