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National World War II Museum Features Loyal Forces: Animals in WWII

NEW ORLEANS, LA.- Loyal Forces: Animals in WWII is an exhibit focused on the animals employed and encountered throughout World War II, from the Home Front to the Pacific. Life-size horses and mules, harnessed in authentic World War II saddles and equipment, along with life-size mannequins, dressed in authentic World War II gear, will demonstrate the unique impression made by military animals and their masters. Animals were appreciated both for their labor and love, but unfortunately not all were shown humane treatment when their usefulness was no longer in dire need. This exhibit will focus on each different animal’s specific usefulness and specific role within a campaign. Loyal Forces: Animals in WWII will examine four types of animals used by armies throughout the world from 1939 to 1945. An American Coast Guard horse and horseman will feature artifacts from the Home Front and civil defense. A German horse and reconnaissance soldier will depict the European Theater of Ope